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(W) Don Handfield, James Haick (A) Rafael Loureiro 

Piper Rudich/Comic Tom Virgin Variant Cover

CGC Graded Signature Series: 9.8 - Signed by James Haick III

Signed by: James Haick

Fresh from Free Comic Book Day, The Mall is set in everyone's favorite decade, the 1980's. This coming of age crime story takes place in a small Florida town at the height of the popularity of indoor malls. When the head of the Cardini Mob Family mysteriously dies, his three illegitimate children each inherit a store in the mall. While the stores front as legal businesses, the real money is in the illegal businesses. The kids are thrust into a world of crime, all the while just trying to survive normal high school life. It's like a John Hughes Godfather movie. Co-written by History Channel's Knightfall writer Don Handfield and Solar Flare's James Haick III.

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