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Reeling from the sudden death of her husband, army veteran Jen Shaw decides to take her two daughters on a road trip to witness the totality -- a complete eclipse of the sun that can only be seen from a small section of the Earth.  At the moment of the full eclipse, however, everyone within the path of the totality collapses and wakes up hours later to a blood red sky.  With all technology no longer working, Jen quickly gets her girls into the car and starts to head back home.  However, beyond the path of totality, the entire world has turned into a burnt out wasteland, and anyone who ventures there dies instantly, painfully.  Soon, Jen and her daughters are separated and the only safe place is within the path of totality, where society is quickly beginning to break down....

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Tags: Brendan Deneen, Comic, NYCC 2021, scout comics, Totality